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General Information: 

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Financial Recovery After A Drunk Driving Crash

Selecting a Civil Attorney

Someone You Know Drinks & Drives

Drunk Driving: An Unacknowledged Form of Child Endangerment

  Criminal Justice System:

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“What Do I Do Next” – a guide through the criminal justice system


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Don' t Call Me Lucky - For those injured in crashes and their families

Closed Head Injury:  A Common Complication of Vehicular Crashes


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Your Grief: You're Not Going Crazy

Helping Children Cope with Death

We Hurt Too - for adult siblings of someone killed

Men and Mourning – for Masculine grievers

Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers

Will It Always Feel This Way? - specifically for parents of a child killed

How You Can Help – for Families and friends who come to support those involved in crashes

Other Resources:

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Book Review:
New Directions from the Field

(MADDVOCATE, Winter 2000)

"New Directions in the Field:  Victim's Rights and Services for the 21st Century challenges the nation to renew and refocus its efforts to improve the treatment of victims of crime.  

To obtain the book, contact the Office For Victims of Crime Resource Center at (800) 627-6872, or on the Internet at

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